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What We Believe

  • in Faith AND reason
  • the Bible is less than history, but more than myth
  • the Bible is to be taken seriously, not literally
  • the Bible asks more questions, than gives answers
  • that Christianity is about asking questions
  • that you don’t have to believe everything about Jesus in order to follow him
  • that service in and to the community is not optional

Holy Communion Episcopal Church is a small, friendly parish of loving and fun people dedicated to doing the work which our belief in Christ gives rise to. We worship in an historic downtown church located less than one mile from the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We are a Christian community that celebrates the Good News of Jesus Christ and who participates in the Global Anglican Community.

If you are looking for a church, we invite you to learn who we are and we encourage you to visit and worship with us. Our regular worship times are 10:30 am Sundays.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

About Us

We are a community of caring and sharing.

Whenever there’s a need within our faith community, somehow that need is always met. The Altar Guild faithfully maintains the linens, vessels, and vestments for the worship service and prepares the Table for Holy Eucharist. Beautiful flowers are provided weekly. The women of our “Prayer Shawl Ministry” literally provide warmth and comfort to members or friends whose physical or emotional suffering is especially great. Our "St. Joseph’s Guild" takes care of more practical matters—repairing what needs to be repaired, painting what needs to be painted, cleaning what needs to be cleaned – and more.

Besides these more structured ministries are groups of parishioners who are always willing to bring a meal to a church friend or church family or to provide a ride for another who needs help.

It’s natural that those who come together in faith would come together in fellowship, too. Our coffee hour is always well attended, and rarely does an important birthday, anniversary, or other milestone go uncelebrated. Special brunches and chili parties abound, and no opportunity for a special cake is ever missed.

Mission And Vision

Greetings and welcome to Holy Communion Episcopal Church.

Our Mission is "Accepting all people, Sharing God’s love, Teaching God’s ways".

Everyone is welcome in this place.

Our parish building is a beautiful gothic style church located downtown in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

What makes the building a Church is the people who participate as a family dedicated to worship, prayer, and outreach for the love of God.

Our parish is a loving and diverse people.

We care; about each other, about our community, about the last the least and the lost. Come and join us.

Service Times

  • Sundays at 10:30 AM
  • We would love to see you there. Come as you are.
  • We also offer our services over ZOOM. Please call for access.
  • Please join us for coffee and conversation Sundays at 9;30 am in the lower-level Guild Hall.

Our Address

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Common Questions

No. Yes. Well, that’s a hard one to answer. Although the ancient Church from which the Episcopal Church sprang was Roman Catholic, the present-day Episcopal Church has practices and beliefs that are distinctly different from those of the Roman Catholic Church. The important thing, however, is our worship of God.

No. Not because we don’t care; in fact, you will find we care very much. We just don’t want to embarrass you or make you uncomfortable. But we hope you will fill out our newcomer card and leave it with an usher or on a table near an exit.

As you wait for the service to start, the first thing you may see will be Altar Guild volunteers placing linens and arranging things around the altar and the lecterns. Acolytes will light candles on the altar. One thing you can do before the actual service starts is familiarize yourself with the Book Of Common Prayers (BCP) and the hymnals. Whatever we will be singing is listed in the front of the church on the wooden boards or on the screens. The Screens will guide you on what coing next. If you love the hymn, belt it out, whether you’re in tune or not. If you don’t know the hymn or don’t want to sing, you can just read the words to yourself. Feel free to do whatever works for you.

Not much of a fashion statement, is it? Depending on the service you’re attending, the procession may be led by someone wearing a white robe, carrying a large cross (watch how some people bow as it passes them), and others may be carrying the Gospel Book or simply walking in the procession. Finally come the clergy; they, too, will be wearing white robes, but they will also be wearing a stole, whose color follows the color of the season. The deacons wear their stole across the left shoulder and gathered at the right hip, and the priest wears their stole around the neck with the ends hanging straight down. (If the Bishop is present, he or she will be last in the procession. You’ll know it’s the Bishop because of the pointy hat, called a MITRE, and the fancy staff, called a crosier.

All baptized Christians are full members of the Body of Christ. We encourage all baptized Christians (including children) to receive communion. If you need help preparing your child, please contact us.

All are invited and encouraged to participate. Communion is received at the altar rail. Approach the altar rail via the center aisle, and return to your seats via the side aisles. You may kneel or stand to receive communion. Just put your hands out and a priest will put a wafer or a piece of bread in your hand. Simply raise your hands to your mouth and eat the bread or wafer. Next is the wine. We use real wine and it is given to you in a small plastic cup which you can dispose of in the garbage can as you are walking away. When the chalice bearer comes to you, take one of the plastic cups and drink. If you do not wish to consume wine, just cross your arms over your chest as the chalice bearer approaches you. All who love God, most especially children, are welcome at the Lord’s Table for bread and wine. If you do not wish to have your child take communion, just have your child cross his or her arms across his or her chest. The priest will say a blessing. (This is true for adults too.)