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How We Worship

What time are your worship opportunities?

10:30 am with Music at Church of the Holy Communion, Lake Geneva, Wi. (We have zoom and facebook services on Sundays at 10:30 am. Call our office at: 262.248.3522 for access to the zoom services.)

Do I have to dress up to come to worship?

NO. Wear whatever you think is appropriate. God is more concerned with your heart.

What are these books in the rack in front of me?

The red book is the Book of Common Prayer. It provides liturgies, prayers and instructions so that all members of the church may share common worship. The blue book is the 1982 Hymnal. The hymn numbers are provided on the tv screens and on the hymn boards at the front of the church.

Why are there some people sitting quietly before the service?

It’s an Episcopal thing. Some of us take time before the service to say hello to God, to prepare for Communion, and perhaps to go over the readings or other information printed on the inserts in the bulletin.

Why do some people bow or kneel before entering the pews, and others don’t do anything at all?

What you’re noticing is called “reverencing” and people have different ways of doing it. Some bow in the direction of the altar, some “genuflect” (touch their knee to the floor), others reverence silently or without gesture. It’s like we said, do whatever helps you to worship; don’t do whatever hinders that.

Why do some people touch their fingers to their forehead and shoulders?

Again, this is a personal worship style. This is called making the sign of the cross. Some people do it out of habit, others because it reminds them of the price Jesus paid to enable us to respond to God’s love; still others because it’s their way of “taking up their own cross” and following him. You will see them doing this at times during the service, too. But you don’t have to cross yourself just because others do.

There’s an awful lot of stuff in this church.

That’s true. The Episcopal way of worshiping exercises all of the senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We like to think of it as involving every part of us in worship, giving God a lot of ways to reach us.

Should I receive communion even though I don’t understand the meaning of it?

YES! Rational understanding is not a requirement for receiving the Sacrament. The Sacraments are a gift of grace to us. God’s grace does not depend upon our full understanding.

What if my child becomes disruptive?

We have been there before and understand. We are not bothered by it as much as you probably are. There are books, crayons and coloring books on the table in the rear of the church. Please feel free to use them and take them home.

What do I call the priest?

Father or Mother, or Reverend, or by their 1st name. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Other questions:

Please ask anyone around you for help. You may also contact our Priest, The Reverend Dr. Kevin D. Huddleston at to set up a time to visit with him and ask your specific questions. Please ask anyone around you for help, or contact any of our Vestry members.

Service Times

  • Sundays at 10:30 AM
  • We would love to see you there. Come as you are.
  • Please join us for coffee and conversation Sundays at 9;30 am in the lower-level Guild Hall.

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