November, 2022

Friends -

Advent is approaching! One thing this means to me is that it is a time of waiting and expectation.

I am curious about you and I imagine you’re curious about me, so here is a brief synopsis. I was born, raised, and educated in New England, but I married a West Coast guy and we raised two sons in Seattle for many years before moving to the Chicago area. I attended Seabury Western Theological Seminary after a career as a buyer for Marshall Field’s and as a volunteer coordinator. My husband of 34 years died a few years ago, so I now find myself a widow, and I’m still trying to figure out what that means in the grand scheme of things. I recently bought a house in Walworth, which I share with Scrabble, a rambunctious Portuguese Water Dog who you’ll probably meet, because she often comes to the office with me – though never on Sundays!

I look forward to discerning together what God’s plans are for us in this little corner of the Kingdom. I am anxious to know what gives you joy and what troubles you and I am curious about how you experience God in the everyday and how you cope when God seems absent. That said, I confess that, mostly, I look forward to the sacred relationships we will forge together as Christ’s people here in Wisconsin.

Grace and peace-

The Rev. Elizabeth Gordon Meade

picture of Elizabeth Meade


Sr. Warden: Gary Shine

Jr. Warden: Holly Stark

Vestry Members:

  • David Collins
  • Cathy Koch
  • Michelle Walsh
  • Andrea Gibbs

Clerk of the Vestry: Diane Shine

Treasurer: Jerry Gibbs

Service Times

  • Sundays at 10:30 AM
  • We would love to see you there. Come as you are.
  • Please join us for coffee and conversation Sundays at 9;30 am in the lower-level Guild Hall.

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