We are a community of caring and sharing.

Whenever there’s a need within our faith community, somehow that need is always met. The Altar Guild faithfully maintains the linens, vessels, and vestments for the worship service and prepares the Table for Holy Eucharist. Beautiful flowers are provided weekly.  The women of our “Prayer Shawl Ministry” literally provide warmth and comfort to members or friends whose physical or emotional suffering is especially great. Our “St. Joseph’s Guild” takes care of more practical matters—repairing what needs to be repaired, painting what needs to be painted, cleaning what needs to be cleaned – and more.

Besides these more structured ministries are groups of parishioners who are always willing to bring a meal to a church friend or church family or to provide a ride for another who needs help.

It’s natural that those who come together in faith would come together in fellowship, too. Our coffee hour is always well attended, and rarely does an important birthday, anniversary, or other milestone go uncelebrated. Special brunches and chili parties abound, and no opportunity for a special cake is ever missed.