OrganWe are blessed with a magnificent church building that wears our faith as proudly as its history. Built in 1880 entirely of native granite, this historic Gothic building boasts stunning stained glass windows, including one Tiffany and several others designed and created in Germany in the 19th century. Our glorious rose window acts as a beacon to welcome worshippers to the church with the red doors. Our organ is a rare Hook & Hastings tracker-action pipe organ, installed in 1883 and restored in 1960. Lovingly maintained to this day, it is almost as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. 

We recently completed a major tuck-pointing project and have restored the stonework around the rose window, several arched windows, and the two main doors to the nave. A generous memorial gift allowed us to install a much-needed new sound system in December. And with a temporary wheelchair ramp, we’ve at least taken the first small step toward full handicap accessibility.

With the 2008 purchase of the Wuttke property on Geneva Street, our churchyard almost doubled in size. Used as a Garden Annex to last year’s Antique Show, plans to use the property as a regular source of income are being carefully examined. Well-tended by parishioners, that land with its new plantings and our other garden areas become lovelier every year.