The quality of music at Holy Communion is of a caliber rarely found in a town as small as Lake Geneva—and rarely in a church as small as ours. Since Eleanor and Fletcher Coolidge joined us, the organ has never sounded more beautiful nor has the choir ever sung better. Often augmented by strings or brass, the music they inspire on Sunday mornings is a statement of faith unto itself.

Clapping AlongMusic at Holy Communion has become part of our outreach and welcoming ministries, too. The “Broad Street Concert Series” was conceived as a gift to the entire community and offers five free concerts during the year. From classical music to big band swing and this year’s wildly successful “Broadway on Broad Street,” audiences can enjoy a wide variety of quality music performed with style. Perhaps the most meaningful program in the series is the annual “Nine Lessons and Carols”. Performed by an ecumenical choir from several churches in the area, the music is breathtakingly beautiful, and the story it tells the most beautiful of all.

Join us on Sunday and lift your voices with us to celebrate our Lord!