How we as a church reach out to others can say a great deal about the faith we have within. In 2009 we built an Ark together for Heifer International. We’ve supported Haiti Project with monthly donations, free-will offerings from our concert series, and two huge Bake Sales during Oktoberfest. We support the local Food Pantry with weekly donations and a special collection on “Soup-er Bowl” Sunday. And we’ve become involved with “Side by Side,” a local mission that provides relief for families on the verge of going under.

One of our most meaningful Outreach projects is the annual “Blessing of the Animals” held at the time of the Feast of St. Francis. A free-will offering is always taken to benefit Lakeland Animal Shelter, but what is offered to those who attend the service might be even more important. Each pet receives a personal blessing from Rev. Nancy, but often their owners need to share a personal grief or a troubled heart and ask to be blessed themselves.  These are moments when God’s grace feels most present and when our own faith is affirmed and rewarded.

In 2010, Outreach began a ministry at Agape House in Walworth, a Christ-centered home and school for troubled girls.  Our congregation provides dinner for the girls once a month.

We welcome your ideas and energy for our projects in 2016!  More coming soon!