What time does Sunday service begin?
Our service of Holy Eucharist begins at 10 am on Sunday Mornings. Sunday School starts at the beginning of the main service after the processional hymn. Any changes are typically noted on the church calendar.

What are the worship services like?
Our services represent a combination of the traditional elements of worship and music with contemporary themes. Our choir typically performs an anthem at each service. There’s something for everyone to enjoy during our services.

Episcopal services are liturgical in nature. That means the movement of the service is in a particular order; the ministry of the word, which consists of readings from Scripture, then Prayers of the People, then The Peace, then Holy Eucharist, which is commonly called Communion. It is our tradition to use wine and bread for this part of the service.

Liturgy invites us to relax so that our minds and hearts can open to the Presence of God, and the Holy Spirit. We come to church first to worship God, and also to form a community of people gathering to do God’s will.

The order of the service, including hymn numbers (found in the Hymnal), as well as the Readings, are found in the bulletin, which is handed to you as you enter the church. In the book racks on the back of the pew, there are (blue) Hymnals and (red) Books of Common Prayer.

The Service begins at 10:00 AM Sunday and usually ends at 11:15. You are always invited to Coffee Hour afterwards.

Coffee Hour is a time of Fellowship. You can stay as long or as short of a time as you wish.

What should I wear?
Our Mission Statement is: “Accepting all people, Sharing God’s love, Teaching God’s ways” – every one is accepted at Holy Communion just as you are. People dress anywhere from their ‘Sunday Best’ to blue jeans. What’s important is that you come to church!

Where do my children go during worship services?
Programs for children are located in the rooms found exiting from the front left of the sanctuary and up the center stairs. We provide crafts and other age appropriate Christian instruction and activities in a welcoming and fun environment. Each Sunday we invite all children to participate, but children are always welcome to stay in church with their parents or caregivers.

Am I allowed to take Communion?
Everyone, adults and children alike, who wish to receive Communion (the Bread and Wine) will be fed. If you would like to receive a blessing instead, simply come to the Altar Rail at Communion and request it when the Celebrant approaches you with the bread.

If you are unable to walk to the Altar Rail, we are always happy to bring Communion to you in your pew after others have received.

Can you accommodate large groups of visitors?
We will gladly accommodate the seating of your large group, such as a family or class reunion, and are appreciative of advance notice. Kindly call the church office at 262.248.3522 or email us from our Contact Form by Friday before the Sunday you plan to attend. We can also help to make arrangements for bus parking, if required.

Explaining the “Peace”
“The Peace of the Lord Be With You”
The response is “And also with you.” This ancient exchange of greeting has evidences in various places within the New Testament reminding us of its use by Christians even before the New Testament was written. It is a continuation of the Baptismal Welcome reminding us of our unity in Christ. The exchange was, and is, done in variety of ways; a bow, a handshake or an embrace. Visitors are included in this exchange at the level they are most comfortable. By simple extension, all baptized Christians are invited to our altar for communion or a blessing. Once again, a sign of welcome to visitors and members at the level of spirituality they find themselves. We are here as a church of welcome to all who seek Christ and a deeper knowledge of him.

Peace be with you.